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released December 5, 2013


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''This album had me hooked from the very first listen. 71TONMAN have delivered a fucking monster of an album. If you love Fat, low and slow riffs.... as the band have perfectly described their music then you need to check this album out now.''
The Sludge Lord

''That’s one of the great things about this album: you never know what twist it’s going to take next – they must be great fun to see live.''
9/10 Doom Metal Heaven

''The bands debut self titled album is a slow, drawling affair of murky groove laden riffs and aggressive strained vocals. Wonderfully atmospheric and intensely heavy, 71TONMAN hit home hard with the force of their name!''
8/10 Destructive Music

''... it sounds like a sludged-up Dave Lee Roth on a comedown.'' Ninehertz

"Imagine 71 tons of weight falling right on you. It would squeeze out your bowels immediately, whithout a blink, the same way 71TONMAN from Poland do with the tunes of their self-titled debut. "Fat, Low and Slow" is the motto of the album, serving ultra heavy, low tuned riffs in the vein of CROWBAR at its best - sometimes faster, then even slower. I would beg to have Kirk Windstein sitting right on my face instead of being rolled over by this steam locomotive. Beware of 71TONMAN's tunes, they will be squashing you, everything in the way - straight away!"
Doom Metal Front Zine

''On their self-titled debut effort the five-piece hit hard like a sludge driven battering ram. Their slow, fat and muddy sound keeps grinding down on you and with sheer perfection the riffs seem to bring their point home. And together with the feedback and the samples there is no escaping the obvious fact: this is heavier than heavy.''
4/5 Stoner Hive

"Throughout the album there's an overall atmosphere that truly captures an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic sense, and with each song this sense increases, everything is getting just a bit more intense, just a bit heavier and there's just another little twist in this or in that direction and all these "just a bits" and "little extra pinches" of whatever, keep the album in a constant dynamic, very organic and exciting. Nothing sounds forced or overdone. This is an absolutely stunning debut album and a complete DIY venture on top of it."
Metal Bandcamp

''This Self-Titled album varies from ultra-low sludge that’s at least 71 tons heavy (no I couldn’t leave out a reference to their band name even though I tried!) to more conventional doom, the bridges they construct between these changes are built in titanium and couldn’t be broken''
The Sleeping Shaman

"They play an extra heavy brand of low and slow Sludge Metal. Incorporating different atmospheric elements in the music, and healthy dose of psychedelia to round out the mix, they're not quite like anyone else doing this style of music presently."
Ride With The Devil



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71TONMAN Wrocław, Poland

Fat, low and slow ...

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